Who We Are

The J Walkers Action Group, based in Montgomery County, Maryland, is dedicated to electing Democrats to office throughout the country by creating opportunities for volunteers to contact voters. Founded in 2017 by experienced volunteers and organizers who worked together on the Obama and Clinton presidential campaigns, the J Walkers specialize in phone banking, canvassing, texting, and other voter contact activities. Since the pandemic began, we have been running virtual events. We work directly with state and federal campaign organizations to provide support where they need it most.
Building leaders is a key component of our work. We are always looking for new volunteers, including people who would like to help lead our organization and our events. To contact us about helping to lead volunteer activities, write us at jwalkers@jwalkersactiongroup.org.

Our Volunteer Executive Committee

Suzanne Baktash

Rachel Carren

Rich Collins

Paul Ellis

Jon Heintz

Susan Miller

Stacey Newby

Steve Pressman

Jane Stelboum

Mary K Young

Our Core Values

We are a welcoming and supportive community

We are all volunteers

We are action-oriented, focusing only on activities that help elect Democrats

We are strategic in our choices of activities and candidates

We believe in data and embracing evidence-based best practices

We seek leaders and doers and help them build their skills

We believe in having fun while we work